My Current Offerings for Online Music Classes

Ukulele Open Mic and Song Workshop
As an alternative to private lessons during this period of high demand, students of any level are welcome to bring their ukulele and sing/play a song for us and receive some coaching and tips. Ages 7-12, 55 minutes, $10

Ukulele Hero Classes -- several listed in my profile
In these one-time courses, experienced ukulele players will learn and perform a specific song for their class. Each class listing is for a specific song. Ages 8-12, 30 minutes, $15

Multicultural Social Music and Movement
In this one-time course, students will learn folk songs from various cultures, songs with movements, songs with drumming and shaking maracas -- the types of music we sing at the cookout, sitting on the porch, or around the campfire. Ages 6-11, 55 minutes, $7

Waldorf-Inspired Early Childhood Music and Movement
In this ongoing course, we focus on relationship and learning about ourselves and our world through movement, drumming, singing, fingerplays, stories, and sharing, using music and imagery from several of the world's cultures. Ages 3-7, 45 minutes, $10

Beginning Ukulele for Preschool and Early Childhood
This one-time beginning ukulele course uses a developmental approach geared toward learners with preschool-level fine motor skills and impulse control. Ages 3-7, 45 minutes, $20

Ukulele II for Preschool and Early Childhood
In this one-time course, students who have taken my preschool/primary beginning class (or who know how to play a C major chord on their own) will learn how to play F major, change chords, and improve their overall skills. Ages 4-7, 45 minutes, $15

Ukulele for School-Age Beginners
In this one-time course, students will come away playing a simple song using 2-3 chords. Ages 6-11, 55 minutes, $20

See below for a schedule of when classes are running. The calendar does not show whether classes have open slots; the individual course listings on Outschool show this in real time. I am posting my full schedule here to give an idea of how frequently each class runs, as Outschool hides full sections, making it unclear at times whether a class is actually active. (Note: To click through to the course on Outschool, click on the course title, then "more details," then the Outschool link.)