May 2020: Current Non-Beginner Ukulele Classes

Hello ukulele people! This post is in response to families asking me, "what class do I take next?" as well as families who are currently waitlisted for private lessons.

Ukulele Hero Classes
In these one-time courses, experienced ukulele players will learn and perform a specific song for their class. Each class listing is for a specific song. Ages 8-12, 30 minutes, $15

Ukulele Hero Level Two: Learn to Play The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Ukulele Hero Level Two: Learn to Play Cups by Anna Kendrick
Ukulele Hero Level Three: Learn to Play I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
Ukulele Hero Level Three: Learn to Play Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid
Ukulele Hero Level Three: Learn to Play Viva La Vida by Coldplay

The Ukulele Hero classes are intended for students who already can play the basic three chords (C/F/G) from memory, and are fairly comfortable playing through a simple song. I am absolutely open in terms of age, dis/ability, and ukulele skills, and am very much opposed to the idea of policing whether someone is a "good enough" player in what should be a community/social music opportunity. The only reason I have posted guidelines that may appear a bit strict or harsh is because I have had a number of families enroll students who did not know the basic chords, then complain that the course did not teach this skill. If your student is a bit shaky with some skills but will be happy in a course that is a bit of a stretch for them, they are absolutely welcome. The "Level Two" and "Level Three" designations reflect roughly how difficult the songs are (with the implication that "Level One" would be beginning ukulele), but anyone is welcome in any course that interests them.

I will be putting together more of these classes based on song requests from students. Please message me through Outschool with requests.

I also have the Open Mic and Song Workshop classes, for students who have practiced a song at home and want to get some coaching and/or are looking to get into a class/lesson sooner rather than later. Absolutely any level or type of song is appropriate, whether it's "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" or an entire pop song. The classes are informal; there is no need to bring a copy of your music or tell us beforehand what you plan to play or anything like that. The course is listed as ages 7-12, but I am flexible with older/younger, and the class is of course welcoming to any level of skill and any dis/abilities.

Ukulele Open Mic and Song Workshop
As an alternative to private lessons during this period of high demand, students of any level are welcome to bring their ukulele and sing/play a song for us and receive some coaching and tips. Ages 7-12, 55 minutes, $10

See below for a schedule of when classes are running, in month form and agenda form. The calendar does not show whether classes have open slots; the individual course listings on Outschool show this in real time. I am posting my full schedule here to give an idea of how frequently each class runs, as Outschool hides full sections. (Note: To click through to the course on Outschool, click on the course title, then "more details," then the Outschool link.)