About me

I am a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Massachusetts and a
board-certified music therapist in the United States. I am based in Boston, on land stolen from the Massachusett people.

My résumé is available on my LinkedIn profile.

My curriculum vitae is available upon request.

contact: erika@erikashira.com

Privilege and marginalization acknowledgements:

I am white

I am religiously Jewish

I am genderqueer, though I typically experience cisgender privilege

I am in a long-term same-sex marriage

I am a transracial foster and adoptive parent

I have a history of medicalization, but currently experience health privilege and abled privilege

I have neurotypical privilege

I have educational privilege

I have lived in poverty and in the upper-middle class as an adult

I generally experience class privilege regardless of income

I have a fair degree of size privilege

I am an American citizen by birth

I am middle-aged

My family and I have experienced victimization by systems, though were able to leverage financial and educational privilege to work with attorneys to largely manage this

I am happy to discuss any of these and how they may play into my interactions.